Miller Paint

Projects: Redesigned Logo, Website, Marketing Materials, Signage, Banners and Paint Labels

Facebook Data Centers

Projects: Designed Marketing Material, Ads, Signage, Pop-up Banners for Data Centers

Hood River

Projects: Logo Designs, Website, Marketing Material, Signage


Projects: Logo Design, Marketing Materials for Events, Illustration

Weinstein PR

Projects: Website and Press Releases for Clients

De La Salle North Catholic High School

Projects: Marketing Materials, Annual Report, and Website

International School of Portland

Projects: Logo and Branding Design, Web Design and Email Campaigns

Home & Garden Show

Projects: Logo Design and Marketing Materials

Design District of Central Eastside

Projects: Logo Design, Website and Marketing Materials

Piggins Higgins

Projects: Logo Design, Cart Design, Signage, Marketing Materials

Rootstock Strategies

Projects: Logo Design, and Website

The Dalles Art Center

Projects: Logo Design, and Marketing Materials

Alicia Joy Healing

Projects: Logo Design, Website and Marketing Materials

Street of Dreams

Projects: Logo Design, and Fliers

The Bray

Projects: Helped Develop Logo Design/Brand

Goldendale Energy Storage Projects

Projects: Fliers, Email Campaigns, Web Graphics

Go Camp

Projects: Designed Email Campaign along with PDF, Press Kit and Website Design

Umpqua Bank

Projects: Marketing Materials, Posters, Banners, Fliers, Signage, Merchandise

Hassalo on Eighth

Projects: Infographic and Press Release

United Fund Advisors

Projects: Website and Annual Report


Projects: Catalogs and International Press Kit

Bob Desper

Projects: Record Design and Insert

Green Infrastructure and Health Guide

Projects: Design/Produced 80 Page Report

Ready, Set, Gorge!

Projects: Logo Design, Marketing Materials, Map and Website

Maryhill Museum Signage

Projects: Signage

Smart Reader

Projects: Infographics and Brochure


Projects: Logos and Marketing Materials

Nike Well

Projects: Logo Design, Posters, Sandwich Boards, Postcards, Web Banners

City Pets Vet

Projects: Logo Design, Signage, Stationary Set

Four Walls

Projects: Logo Design, Marketing Materials and Website

Lewis & Clark Center

Projects: Brochure Design

Porch Light

Projects: Website, Logo, Signage, Postcards

True North

Projects: Logo and Annual Report

Michelle Thompson Dermatology

Projects: Logo, Stationary Set, Marketing Materials and Website

McCarthy Family Farm

Projects: Logo, Marketing Materials, Packaging Design, Website

Soujourn Ventures

Projects: Logo, Website, Marketing Materials

The Crooked Jades

Projects: Logo Design, Website, CD and Record Covers


Projects: Website, Marketing Materials

Attwell Off Main

Projects: Logo Design, Website, Marketing Materials, Signage

NNA Landscape Architecture

Projects: Logo and Website

Landfill Rescue Unit

Projects: Logo Design, Signage, Website

Pitchfork Communications

Projects: Logo Design and Website

Timmons Law

Projects: Logo Design and Website

Age Africa

Projects: Website and Annual Report

Wildlife Direct

Projects: Website and Newsletters