Hi, I'm DiDi!

I have almost 30 years of design experience, working for big and small clients in a wide variety of applications. Here's a little story to help illustrate my approach to graphic design:

When i was little (sometime in the mid 80's) i agreed to get my hair cut at a workshop for hair stylists. i sat down in the chair and the man with the scissors put his hand on my shoulder and whispered in a cold stern voice, "don't move. don't touch your hair. don't say anything." he cut half my hair short and left the other half long--an extreme asymmetrical bob. the crowd loved it. i hated it. and for some reason that experience stuck with me, long after the stupid haircut grew out.

Through the years I have come to feel that my job is very similar to that of a hairdresser, and I've made a point not to be like that stern stylist of my youth. just because you know the latest in style, doesn't mean the client wants that on their head. you have to really listen to what people want. Once you've listened, then you get a feel for what type of hair they have. you bring ideas to the table and you discuss. you modify as you go. You try your best. a successful outcome is when everyone is happy. that is how i approach design.

My favorite kind of projects are logo/branding, page layout, web design and program, email campaigns, signage, illustration, and general problem-solving.

I also love to paint and craft. I am a 5th generation Oregonian.